Fruity Waffle

This is my New York breakfast place, “Le Pain Quotidien” (location down below).

It’s a place where most American go to have a coffee and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and just work or have breakfast, lunch or dinner, similar to “Starbucks” but a proper restaurant. There is the restaurant area with service, and the bakery area. From the bakery area, I highly recommend the giant cookie; you will see a giant chocolate chip cookie on display, always took it the last day for my flight back home.

As breakfast I always order this waffle without whipped cream, just with the berries. Or I order the same, but as mini pancakes. Which dish do I prefer? Both.

To drink, I recommend you the watermelon lemonade or the pink-berry lemonade. There are also combo breakfast platters, salads, toasts and it’s all organic and healthy…

PROS: High quality, fresh ingredients.

CONS: Not cheap, it’s New York, but anyway worth the try.

ADVICE: There is this one with berries or there is one with Belgium chocolate, I recommend you this one because they blast it too much with the chocolate and it’s extremely heavy.

LOCATION: Tap in your Google Maps: 1271 6th Avenue New York, NY 10020 United States.

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