Best Japanese Noodles Ever

They are called “omu yakisoba”. They are Japanese noodles with vegetables and beef rapped in a tortilla bag. There is not only this, apart from all kinds of sushi plates, as rice and noodles; they have noodles/rice with only vegetables or only with beef or noodles without the tortilla bag, and much more. The Nomo restaurants I know are the Nomo in Gracia (that is the one I usually go, location down below), Nomo in Sarria. They have an interesting ordering system; they give you a kind of metal box with magnetic pins, and each dish on the menu has a number on the side, so whatever you want to order, you place the pin on that number, as many magnets for as many plates of that dish/number you want.

PROS: I like that in the menu, you can see drawn pictures of the food as I don’t always know what it is and I get “scared” then of ordering it.

CONS: Not so cheap but not expensive either. They have wonderful desserts like chocolate coulant, Japanese sweets and more, but they always had a really good brownie with mint ice cream but they took it out of the menu!

ADVICE: Honestly, I don’t have any, my advice is, you should go.

LOCATION: Tap in your Google Maps: Gran de Gracia 13, Barcelona, Spain

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