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Hi, I am Alisha and I am new to the blogging world. The reason why I started this blog is to share my passion for food with you. Everyone says that eating is just a necessary routine; just something we have to do every single day for survival. I personally think, and I believe I am not the only one, that there are lots of people feeling as passionate about food as I do. All they can think about the whole day is when is the next food going to “arrive”. My mom always says I should do a job related to food as I am all day talking about food. Where ever I go I am amazed with all the kinds of different food I get to see and/or taste. I could literally eat the whole day. In case you wonder, yes I adapt with almost any dish I get served. By this I mean that I like everything, maybe one or two things I dislike like avocado, eggplant, vinegar on salad; but most things I eat. When I mean that my passion is eating my greatest love goes to anything sweet with loads of chocolate and sugar – the more the better. If I get from you a plate of pancakes with crunchy peanut butter I would be the happiest girl on earth, my ultimate favorite dish. But of course as a real foodie I truly love a good hamburger with fries or a monster sandwich. Not to mention my taste buts go crazy for olives – green or black, fruits like cherries, mango, strawberries, papaya … you name it. Another passion of mine is traveling the world and taking photos. What better thing to do than combining a passion with another. Before I go on trip I always look up what and where I can eat at my destination; I literally end up food hunting. So this page will be me blogging about dishes I ate or would love to eat and where you can find them. I will share with you where I found my favorite pancakes or hamburger or ice cream or … I’ve been thinking for a long time to do my own blog, a food blog. I will post different and bizarre things that I’ve tried in different parts of the world, I will speak about my experience, the exact location and the pros and cons of each dish. I’m really into photography so you guys will see the photos I took. I hope you enjoy my photos and information as foodpassionly as I do.