Xmas in Galway

My father, his wife and my three half brothers have been living the past years a bit like nomads. Their residence has changed from Dubai, to India, to Ireland and now they live in France.

However, since the pandemic has started and Spain moved into a lockdown last year, borders have been closed etc. I have not been able to see my dad and my brothers for almost a year which made me pretty sad.

So once they moved to Galway in November 2019 (only for 3 months as it turns out) it was decided, whatever it takes I will spend my xmas holidays with them in Galway. Well, it took a lot: borders were closed, then they opened but quarantine was required, PCR tests were mandatory but not older than 48 hours… – at the end I made it and I am still happy about it. It was pretty cold and rainy and we spend most of the time indoors but being with my dad, my stepmother and my brothers was worth all the trouble and weather was of secondary importance.

I now should post here an impressive photo of Galway but I am a foodie and I have to share this amazing cake we had for xmas. Besides I had to respect my quarantine and there were not many opportunities to go around and take photos.

Back to that xmas cake: It was made of hazelnut, cream, chocolate, and meringue.

I tell you guys, this was one of the best cakes I ever had.

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