Dream City

Like I’ve probably said it a thousand times, at least to all my loved ones; that my biggest dream is to live in New York City. You may think that by me saying that “all dreams come true in that city”, it may sound cringe and very movie-like, but I am telling you, I believe in it. I have already gone a few times to the big city, and I just feel it; the environment, how people just come up to you and give you a compliment… in Europe, they are all stiff compared with there.
It’s a shame that everything is so expensive there, and me being almost seventeen and already thinking about money? Yeah, shouldn’t be like that. I always had one goal set; work hard, earn as much money as I’m able, and live in the most amazing city!
Also I want to say that I’m very great full for being raised in such an amazing and beautiful city; Barcelona. But I’m a bit annoyed of people here from my age, they all have a closed mind and they don’t get out of their comfort zone (my opinion). In New York, I find the teenagers and young people more advanced or more open-minded (even though I don’t agree with their politics opinions).
I anyway always wanted an American High School life, but it didn’t happen. So I hope I can give it to my future kids one day!

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