Famous Las Vegas Sign

I’ve seen this sign in all the movies and I finally got the chance to see it myself and take a great picture. I highly recommend Las Vegas but maybe from the age of 21, because I was 15 when I went there and it was lot of fun but I hope that when I’m 21 I get a chance to go back because I think you can do way more stuff, that includes being even allowed to sit in the casino area and go to party’s and all of that. I was the whole day in the pool resort and I went to see the Circle de Soleil show and to visit the city by night with the whole American diner including American food how I like it and all, it was great, but they mad me walk through the hotel hallways and lobbies in a certain distance to the casino machines, I even got stopped by security for “trespassing” the area.

Even though all of that, it’s an amazing city by night like the movies picture it, but by days it’s ugly and at night there are many crazy people, be safe.

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