Copenhagen City

A trip that I will never forget! Went last year on a exchange trip to Denmark, first they came to us, stayed for a few days and then we went to them. Specifically to a city called Roskilde but we visited a full day the capital Copenhagen. I was with my greatest school friends and I have never laughed so much! When we were visiting the big city, we stopped for a bit so me and my friends went to MacDonalds to eat something. When I go to McDonalds I only like the basic burgers; bread, the meat patty and the cheddar cheese. That’s it. So I asked for it, left the place and realized that they gave me just the bread with the cheese, and I was like where is the meat??? Anyway, we had to go so I ended up not eating, it was horrible hahaha. That’s my experience with their McDonald’s…

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