Auntie’s Rice Cake

My aunty is the best chef I know. We all tell her she should open up an Iranian Restaurant and I have faith that she someday will.

One of my favorite dishes that she knows how to cook really well is this rice cake with any type of sauce she could think of. I love how she makes the rice because first of all it’s easy to serve; you cut it in slices like as you would serve a piece of any chocolate cake, it’s reaaaalllyyyyyy delicious and it’s actually easier to make than I thought, it’s probably as fast as cooking normal rice. I also find it tastier than just normal plane rice because the whole top of the cake is crispy so you mix soft and crispy rice with the sauce or curry and it makes a difference, trust me.

When I visited her this summer in Prague, she showed me how to make it and if you guys are interested I could maybe post how you can make it at home in no second. Let me know!

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