La Royal Burger

This is my most liked meal at La Royal restaurant.

It’s a cheeseburger with obviously cheese, I suppose cheddar, lettuce, tomato, the meat and the bread; normally comes with mayonnaise but if it’s possible to have without a sauce, I prefer that. Fun fact about me, I find it stupid to have a burger without a bun, the whole point of an American cheese burger is to not forget the burger bun.

The restaurant is mainly a burger place but they also offer for i.e. chicken wings (they are great) and different types of fries, I always take the basic traditional ones.

“La Royal” restaurant is situated in Barcelona, Spain (the location is down below). I always manage to finish the burger and have a dessert as they are very tasty as well.

PROS: Favorite burger I had. They cook the meat as you tell them to. Not that expensive.

CONS: They sometimes bring the fries way later than your burger and I want to enjoy everything together.

ADVICE: Get a reservation; it’s normally pretty full.

LOCATION: Tap in your Google Maps: Plaça del Camp, 5, 08022 Barcelona. (

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