The Rose Ice Cream

This would be the definition of a great treat after a shopping day in Barcelona.

It’s a French ice cream brand that has a few shops around the city of Barcelona (location down below) where you first pay for the cone and then you choose the flavours you want. You are allowed to choose as many flavours as you want; even if you take the whole selection, and they form it as a rose. I normally pick 5 flavours: mango, lampone (raspberry), lemon, passion fruit and chocolate.

PROS: Good selection of flavours and really yummy, available too are flavours without lactose.

CONS: They should install a sitting area because in the one that I go there isn’t any and the shop is super small.

ADVICE: Get the small cone because even if you take the big one, medium one or small one, you are still allowed to pick as many flavours as you want and it is cheaper.

LOCATION: Tap in your Google Maps: La Rambla, 125, 08002 Barcelona

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